Hot Water

Hot Water Installations

Perth Plumbing and Gas cater for all your Hot Water Unit Installations from natural gas storage units to electric heat pumps to solar hot water systems that harvest the suns energy.

Instantaneous Hot Water

Rinnai infinity are renowned instantaneous hot water units along with Rheem and Bosch,  all these brand are well made and built to out last each other.  We love the fact that you only use gas when your hot water tap is turned on and the size of these hot water units is so small and takes up no space in the shrinking house,  the best part of all they never run out of hot water.

Storage Hot Water

Storage type hot water units are a cost effective solution where only a low amount of gas pressure is available,  these units keep water hot all the time and don’t depend on electricity to run…

Hot Water Repairs

Before replacing a old hot water its always possible to simply repair it and save thousands.  another tip we highly suggest is every couple years have a plumber service your hot water unit,  this will ensure the units last twice as long.

If you have no hot water or luke warm water get in touch with the team at Perth Plumbing and Gas today.